Nairobi City Tour
Nairobi City Tour
Nairobi city was built in 1899, and grew as a central point for the Kenya-Uganda railway
Nairobi comes from the Maasai word, “Enkare Nyrobi” meaning the “place of cool water”
The tour covers the modern city centre with its natural silhouette,
The colourful city market and shopping bazaars
Parliament buildings
Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the landmark of Nairobi (KICC),
The Railway Museum
Kenya National Museum where there are spell-binding displays of the early man, tribal regalia and flora and fauna of Kenya.
The snake park-The park displays a variety of East African snakes that are viewed in glass cages.Most of the park attendants used to allow one to place a four feet python around one’s neck and take a picture with a camera.
National Archives – Seen here are photographs, exhibitions of handicrafts, paintings and journals of Kenya’s history.
The tour returns to your city hotel in time for lunch (lunch excluded)
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